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In the Scriptures darkness is a metaphor for sin and evil (JOHN 3:19-20). Evil deeds and darkness are partners. Darkness and wrong doing go hand in hand. Satan’s domain is the kingdom of darkness; unbelief is darkness; unbelievers walk in darkness. Death is a leap into darkness; hell is a place of darkness. We do well to fear the darkness!!! Nothing good comes from the darkness of sin and evil, unfaithfulness and hell.

On the other hand, God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all (I JOHN1:5). Jesus Christ is the Light of the world (JOHN 1:9). The Holy Spirit enlightens our heart and mind, giving faith in Jesus where before there was only blindness and unbelief. By faith, we are brought from darkness into His marvelous light. God’s people have been “called out of darkness into His marvelous light" (I PETER 2:9). What a privilege and honor!!!

The nearness of our loving Father, the security of eternal life in the Son and the comfort of the Holy Spirit make us children of light. The darkness has no power over us; we need not fear death, for we have no need to fear hell. Satan’s power is limited and his doom is certain.

Paul tells us that whereas we once were darkness, we are nowlight in the Lord” (EPH. 5:8). We are to live (walk) as children of the light (EPH.5:8). Those whose lives are illumined by Him are the “means” of introducing that Light into the dark areas of human conduct (MATT. 5:14-16). In other words, we, who are now the light of the world are to “shine” for Him as a part of our job description!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Rev. Dick Hilleary is a co-founder of the Western Gospel Association, known today as the Western States Gospel Music Association and acts as its Chaplin. With a lifetime of musical experience as a soloist and quartet member, Rev. Hilleary has appeared with some of the most recognized names in southern gospel music. As a skilled lecturer and recognized 'Master of Ceremonies' for national music conventions, Rev. Hilleary has received the prestigious "Communication and Leadership Award" from Toastmasters International. A pastor / teacher of 35 years, today Rev. Hilleary's passion is for preserving southern gospel music on the west coast and ministering to those committed to keeping that music and ministry alive for the body of Christ.