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October 2017 GRUMBLERS

It’s easy to grumble. It really doesn’t take much to stir up a little discontent. And, once you start, it can be hard to stop grumbling. AND, the tragedy is that most of the loudest grumblers are those who often have the most to be thankful for. Such behavior is very displeasing to our Lord (JUDE 10:16-19).

Israel grumbled in the desert (EX. 16:2). How incredible. They were there for one simple reason: God had delivered them from terrible slavery in Egypt. The desert should have been a blessing to them… everything about it should have reminded them that God had freed them bondage.

But, they didn’t like some things about their new circumstances. The water wasn’t very good and there wasn’t much of it. God fed them with manna, and He sent them some quail for meat, but they soon tired of these things. Compared with the marvelous liberation they had experienced, their menu was little to complain about. But, it soon became uppermost in their minds… and so they grumbled.

No one stood up and said, ”Wait minute! We may have these little problems with food and water but let’s not forget the big picture. Were not slaves any more! We’re on our way to the Promised Land! Let’s keep all these things in perspective.”

Grumbling usually arises when we lose our perspective. Are little things tempting you to lose sight of the big picture? Is your tendency to grumble covering up your sight of the big picture? Is your tendency to grumble covering up your appreciation for God’s big gifts to and for you? And worse yet, in the midst of the grumbling, have you forgotten God and His Word? He says, “Whatever you do, whether in word or in deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, GIVING THANKS to the Father through Him (COL. 3:17) (key word: whatever!!!!!!).

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Rev. Dick Hilleary is a co-founder of the Western Gospel Association, known today as the Western States Gospel Music Association and acts as its Chaplin. With a lifetime of musical experience as a soloist and quartet member, Rev. Hilleary has appeared with some of the most recognized names in southern gospel music. As a skilled lecturer and recognized 'Master of Ceremonies' for national music conventions, Rev. Hilleary has received the prestigious "Communication and Leadership Award" from Toastmasters International. A pastor / teacher of 35 years, today Rev. Hilleary's passion is for preserving southern gospel music on the west coast and ministering to those committed to keeping that music and ministry alive for the body of Christ.