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Older readers will remember a song of many years ago entitled, ”Little things mean a lot.” This, of course, comes from the secular music realm. However, it is reinforced by a spiritual song entitled, “Little is much when God is in it.”

Either way we can apply it where God is involved … He does not measure success in numbers or by size. In fact, God became quite upset at King David when he chose to take a count of his fighting men (II SAM. 24:10 / I CHRON. 21:1-8). Whether he did so out of pride in the size of his empire or to gain extra reliance for his security on the size of his manpower, we do not know. However, from God’s point of view, it represented an unwarranted glorying in and dependence upon human power rather than on the Lord.

In I SAM. 14:6 we read where Jonathan, David’s dearest’s friend, professed his faith in God’s ability to accomplish much with many OR few. The victory is God’s ability, not the size of the group. And, we read that he proved his point in the battle which followed.

People today point to mega-churches as signs of success in the spiritual world. Yet over 90% of all churches are very small. Many might say that attendance is lower than desired. This points to a concern over the wrong issues. We need to direct our emphasis not on the size of the “body,” but on what is taking place within that body. We need to ask, “Where is the miracle?” Our answer is to ask what is more miraculous … a strong man getting stronger or someone weak being restored and strengthened. The miracle lies in what God is doing through small but COMMITTED groups of people.

It only takes one to fulfill our church’s mission (ACTS 26:17-18 … look it up!!!). But if two or more begin to work at it …we will soon begin to realize that small does not mean insignificant in God’s eyes.

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Rev. Dick Hilleary is a co-founder of the Western Gospel Association, known today as the Western States Gospel Music Association and acts as its Chaplin. With a lifetime of musical experience as a soloist and quartet member, Rev. Hilleary has appeared with some of the most recognized names in southern gospel music. As a skilled lecturer and recognized 'Master of Ceremonies' for national music conventions, Rev. Hilleary has received the prestigious "Communication and Leadership Award" from Toastmasters International. A pastor / teacher of 35 years, today Rev. Hilleary's passion is for preserving southern gospel music on the west coast and ministering to those committed to keeping that music and ministry alive for the body of Christ.