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California Melody Boys
Tulare, CA

The California Melody Boys was formed in February of 2003. Starting out as a quartet, they soon transformed themselves into a trio. In just short period of time, that trio become a well recognized part of the southern gospel music family on the west coast. CMB are dedicated members of two music associations; the Central California Southern Gospel Music Association and the Western States Gospel Music Association. After joining these associations, they began regular participation in the annual Great Western Fan Festival currently held in Visalia, California. CMB focuses on delivery of the gospel of Jesus Christ through southern style harmonies. The California Melody Boys are proud of the southern gospel music heritage and continue to help promote, preserve, and develop the southern gospel music style throughout the Western Region of the United States.

California Melody Boys
Larry Martin, Manager
1255 North Cherry Street #312
Tulare, CA 93274
(559) 688-9525


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