WSGMA Purpose


The WSGMA exists to extend the acceptance, influence and use of traditional gospel music in churches throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona. Through the responsible, professional, positive and sensitive use of our talents and resources, we are determined to spread the gospel of Christ to uplift and encourage believers, and witness to those that are hurting.


By forming an organization focused on ministry, encouragement, fellowship and promotion, we will demonstrate to each other and to those individuals and organizations with which we interact, our love for Christ and our conviction that traditional gospel music can speak to all ages and can be used effectively in many forms of worship and praise.


  1. Ministry

    We need to remember that in all we do, it is all about what God wants, not what we want. We need to remember that revival must begin in each one of us as individuals before it can spread to our groups and to our organization. We need to seek God's direction and blessing for every event at which we minister. We need to understand and be sensitive to the requirements of those who host us at their services and events.

  2. Encouragement

    We need to take seriously the obligation and privilege of lifting each other up in prayer on a regular basis. We need to actively support and participate in the WSGMA hosting program. We need to demonstrate mutual respect for all groups within the WSGMA. We need to bring out the very best in each other to the glory of God.

  3. Fellowship

    We need to take time to get to know each other; to share what God has accomplished in our ministries; to share our needs and our concerns. We need to take time to just enjoy and show our love for each other.

  4. Promotion

    We need to be proactive in letting churches and church affiliated groups know about the WSGMA. We need to inform those that love traditional gospel music of the various events that are happening is their areas. We need to give new audiences the opportunity to hear and be touched by the music that we sing.